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Firstly UAdreams women names are all false, now why would the agency lie from the very start of these lady’s names? They have there minds set from the very beginning to scam you as they know very well nothing between the guy and the lady will ever happen. And also because they don’t want you want you to be able to find them online easily like on or

There employers that operate behind UAdreams are nothing but lying thieves who not only steal your money but also your valuable time and damage your heart and trust in the process.

So, please guys, don’t invest yourself in there women, no matter how beautiful and nice they seem, because you will get nothing.

Spent your money on yourself instead or find a woman closer to your country, it would be easier and much much cheaper.

They still operate in the exact same way like 5 years ago and haven’t chanced at all. They also refuse to get there s**t together and be an honest agency, no they stay to be deceitful scammers who run nothing more but a online brothel. To escape taxes from the Ukrainian government and maximize there profit they have there bank accounts in Cyprus.

And the women… Despite how innocent and nice some look, they are all in it and know it. Yes even the ones with children of there own. Some are even married!
They even have 18 year old females they claim want to move abroad!

You have to be really rich, desperate or simply stupid to use UAdreams services.

For UADreams Representatives or Owners

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Hi all, Udated comment below that belongs to this article before it were shown to this article: Good warnings about Uadreams Scams translate fee Scam etc, but all is the scammers fault they are evil and stupied and naive and all blame shall be put on the scammers and scams only of the unrepented evildoers, and never the victims of the many types of date scams or other forms of scams in the generally sence etc. One thing is the scammers and scams repent and do better and pay back all money they stolen, but the abuse of Western mens… Read more »

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