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I purchased this as a ½ price deal because I needed my dryer vent cleaned, the 8 air ducts to be cleaned and the furnace inspection was just going to be a bonus for me. I made the appointment and took a vacation day. The lady that made the appointment said a person would be there between 8 and 10. By 9 I had not heard anything so I called to verify. They said I had the date incorrect. There is no way; I put in my vacation request while she was on the phone. They said the service tech would be calling me asap. Didn’t hear anything. Called at noon, they found I was on the schedule and wasn’t sure what was going on, somebody will call you asap. Called again at 1 and got voice mail, left a message for somebody to call me back. Nothing so I called again at 2. They will have a manager call me. Finally by 3 a manager out of Oklahoma called me and said they would not be showing up today. The previous location took longer than expected and they have broken equipment. We did a reschedule for Feb 17th.

I called the day before to make sure they were still coming. Same thing happened. We don’t find you on the schedule. I asked for a manager to call me. They didn’t. I called back four hours later and all of a sudden they found me on the schedule. I didn’t know if they were really showing up or not.

On the 17th the service guy showed up, almost an hour late but still he was there. Really nice guy but did an up sell job. He left a quote for almost $800 of just cleaning. I even told him I had another service to do the furnace cleaning. He bashed them saying they won’t clean as well as this company and I really needed it else my furnace will fail. No, I don’t need it. Please clean what I paid for. Literally the sell job went on for an hour. I ended up telling him to forget the air ducts and only do the dryer vent. I had things to do and wasn’t interested in listening to up selling me. Just do the dryer vent and we will call it done. He did the cleaning but left the mess. I had to clean up the outside where all of the lint and hair lay (he said he leaves it for the birds, they like to make nests out of it) and the utility room. Heck there was even one point I was asked to help with running the drill. I did, it was at the point I would do anything to get this done!

Beware of this company. It is hard to get them to honor their appointment and then when they do, they are there to sell you more services, a hard sale. They don’t like to hear no, I refused to sign the “quote”, I couldn’t tell if it was a quote or if it was a contract. I asked him to write on the invoice that it was a quote and nothing more. He did. I am done with this company.

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