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I ordered several clothes from the TideStore and to my dissappoitment none of them were cut to size. I tried to file a complaint and send an e-mail on thier website and these features do not work. I ended up sending a e-mail and someone referring to themselves as a private customer service has been in contact but there has still not been a resolution. She had the nerve of saying that the items were not defective and that shipping back is expensive and that I should donate the items or give them away as gifts.

Who are they to make these suggestions to a customer? This company doen’t have full disclosure of information on it’s website, clothes are cut to fit midgets, poorly finished and nothing close to what is displayed on thier website.

I have been back and forth about the dispute and to date there still is no resolution. I have still not received items that were ordered 2 months ago. I should have read all these negative reviews prior to ordering before spending over $240. Please please do not order any items from this site.

They should not be in business. It is all a scam. Why are US citizens not being protected from this retailer who is a scam?? Somebody please do something to stop them from taking advantage of innocent customers.

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