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I heard of the tide store selling clothes for cheap for people who are balling on a budget. I went on the site and saw some really cute items. I was putting items in a cart and it all seemed legit. When I checked out I got a confirmation number and it said that I would receive my items in 3 to 7 days.

A week and a half passes and I called the number listed on the confirmation page but it looked weird because it was an international number. I sent an email to the address that was also on the page. They replied and it made me think that maybe something was just wrong with the shipping. They asked my what my confirmation number was and I sent then they told me I didn’t make the pay right but I can see the money gone from my account and I received a confirmation.

It’s been a month and I still have not received my clothes. I spent 82.00 on this site. I’m a college student I don’t have money just to spend. This site is a scam don’t trust it.

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