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I ordered four items on November 17, 2014. Today is February 9, 2015, and I have only received one item. I contacted customer service 5 times asking to locate my package and/or simply issue a refund with no success. Another HUGE warning about SammyDress is that the clothing item pictured is NOT the item you will receive.

You will receive a “replica” of the item pictures on the website. The quality is extremely low. The one item I did receive was a charcoal gray sweater with a “fur” collar. It was pictured with long black sleeves. The item I received was a charcoal gray, short sleeved sweater with a satin lined faux fur collar. The thread that stitched the whole sweater together was green.

Yes…. Green like a shamrock. The item is unwearable and not worth the return as I cannot even receive a refund for items I did not receive! I will never order again from SammyDress and I encourage you to shop elsewhere as well!

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