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Last fall I published my first book, “White Clouds On The Horizon” with Tate’s Publishing Company. On February 13, 2015 I received an email that I would be receiving my first royalty check of $35.00. I know this is not a lot. But I was excited to have sold a few books. To this date, I haven’t received this money, or anything from sales since then.

Even after several complaints to Amanda Welch, marketing consultant. Three weeks ago she asked me for my mailing address, which I gave her. (Yet, they were able to send me the books I ordered). She now ignores my complaints and continues to bombard me with emails promoting deals if I order more of my books to sell for them.

I still have forty in boxes that I have yet to sell. I have asked her to stop sending me these emails, but they still keep coming. there is also the money I paid them for 110 books at $8.80 each. There is also, taxes, shipping, duty, and exchange rate to send to Canada. So, each book actually costs me $14.75 and they retail at $21.99.

I don’t know what they owe me at this time. They have no way for authors to check how many books they have sold. To me, it’s the principle of it all, and their breach of trust. I have lost faith in Tate’s Publishing Company, and the industry as a whole. It’s too bad that a company such as this one can put such a damper on a viable industry.

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