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I published a book with Tate Publishing over two years ago. Since my release date the marketing and publicity team I supposedly paid $4,000 for has done ZERO for me. Books I pay for and order take three months to ship only after beating down the doors to the print shop to get them. Now Tate Publishing seems to be in the “travel” business with their new offer to fly to New York, stay in a posh hotel, meet with Ryan Tate and whatever other staff members they can bring all for the low low cost of $5,000.

I am so furious that Tate Publishing is trying to get me to pay twice for publicity I should have received in my original contract. I actually might pay that just to sit across the table from Ryan Tate and tell him what a piece of work he is. Last week, Ryan Tate released an email that their bank account had been hacked and he had to make payroll personally. If this is not a tell tale sign that Tate Publishing is hiding or moving money I don’t know what else is. Maybe, possibly they don’t have any.

But with this new offer for authors to cough up $5000 to go to NY is a Ponzi Scheme if I’ve ever seen one. No thanks and authors BEWARE. This is a notice and a warning to all Tate Publishing authors out there. They have delivered on ZERO contractual promises and are now trying to entice me to pay more for empty promises. If you are in the same boat, the OK Attorney General is listening and interviewing authors.

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Official Responses from Tate Music Group & Publishing

By: Mark Mingle On: June 9, 2016

Response from Mark Mingle – Vice President of Tate Publishing and Enterprises LLC

We do not have an author under contract by the name of Wenona Clarice Thompson. If you would like to identify yourself, we are glad to provide assistance and any resolve to problems you may be facing.

If there is ever a real issue for any author, we are glad to serve and happy to resolve any issues. We cannot promise certain levels of sales or success to any author, but we do promise to have staff assigned that can help every step of the way for all authors in pursuing opportunities for success.

The details of this complaint are unfounded and completely untrue regarding our company’s payroll. Simply not true.

For the authors that have attended the book tour in New York City with us, we have received many incredibly favorable comments, most saying that it was the trip of a lifetime and that were very grateful for our time spent face-to-face providing additional education and behind the scenes tours of Fox News studios, the Empire State Building, and the dinner cruise to the Statue of Liberty.

All authors are assigned to staff that desire to help them succeed. We are glad to pursue niche markets and retail markets for events and visibility. Our authors are our lifeblood, and we have staff that work hard to schedule hundreds of events for our authors each and every month.

For anyone that would like to see what real, verifiable authors are saying, you may visit


Mark Mingle
Vice President
Tate Publishing and Enterprises

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I signed contract with Tate publishing to publish, market and distribute my book. My manuscript was submitted and they said that they liked it and will not ask me to pay because it was not like self published book. By the time they start working on my book they wrote me that they would need $25oo to help market my book for world wide marketing and distribution but I was told that there would be no cost because my manuscript was great and I had been writing and published book and articles including anthology collection with others previously; which is… Read more »

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