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Tate Publishing is in my backyard and I feel like the biggest fool in the world. I am embarrassed in front of my family and friends as I was told by Tate Publishing that they were a traditional Christian Publisher, only to find out that they are a VANITY press like Xlibris. More than half of their staff is out of Cebu Philippines, and my book has suffered from it.

Tate Publishing is the biggest scam I’ve ever been a part of. I consider myself pretty intelligent but I should have know something was up when Tate first called me. The price to publish started at $4,000 at the beginning of the month, then half off and finally I accepted at $800 on the last day of the month.

Regardless I’m only out $800 but the embarrassment to be associated with Tate Publishing makes me feel like I lost a million dollars. Watch out President Ryan Tate is best friends with Peter Popoff of the Peter Popoff Ministries. Soon Tate will be selling…I mean giving away “Miracle Water”!

My only suggestion when Tate Publishing calls is to change your phone number!

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