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I thought I had done my research when I signed my contract with Tate. I knew I would have to do a lot of the work myself to get retail sales. However, I was not prepare for how hard Tate works to prohibit authors from getting retails sales. They did not deliver the marketing efforts that were promised prior to signing the contract. My marketing rep tried to talk me out of retail purchases after I went out and found retailers to sale my book. EVERY SINGLE marketing report was wrong it did not add up.

After months of complaining, I received a full detail marketing report and discovered they were taking 10% off top before paying me 15%. This was not disclosed in my contract. Tate confirmed and acknowledged that I met the 1000 retail sales requirement necessary to get my marketing retainer refund but has not paid in full.

According to my contract my refund was due by September 30, 2014 $3,990. January 2015 I received $500 and said they would make payments until it was paid in full. The letter was not dated and the check memo said investment refund. I was not allowed to make payments I paid upfront. My contract does not allow them to make payments.

I have filed complaints with Oklahoma Attorney General’s office and BBB. I urge everyone else having these same problems do file complaints. If the Attorney General receives enough complaints they will investigate a company.

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