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Being a new author to the world of writing, I was overly excited when I was offered a contract by a publisher. As first, Eric was well mannered and explained to me the process of working with a new author. But the most catchy thing was… the price I had to pay upfront. They never read the book. How do I know? I only sent in ten pages. The reason they accepted it the famous word… marketable. I knew it wasn’t up to a good standard but what the h—-, I took them as their word, since they are a Christian company.

Anyway, they took the full manuscript. And opps’, I sent them a draft instead. At first they were leery on letting me give them the right one. It took a month, but finally. After nearly six months of waiting, the manuscript makes it into production. Production? Yeah. It’s editing by numerous editors, but they only do the Caps, Punctuation, and other minor things.

When it was sent back to me for a final look over, I found errors. Errors that their editors made. But me, not knowing what to expect, I signed their Final Content Form, thinking that there was no way they would let that go to print. But it did. Somewhere in all this, someone said I told them I didn’t read the book or the F.C.F.

Well… instead of waiting, I sent in the manuscript for book 2 of the series. Yet, they charged me again but cheaper. In all the time it took before the release date, I was offered to make a second edition. Oh, bu t that was nothing when I was offered to speed through editing and right into marketing. Now, any person in their right mind would say no. Well I sure did tell them NO. Sitting down with the final proof in book form, I began to read, and read, until I had tears forming. The errors left behind made me sick. I called them on it, after the release date, and told the head of editing about the errors. He seemed as though he didn’t care. Well, I sat down, and while book 2 was being processed, I made corrections to book 1 and sent it via email to Mark.

During all this time, I kept getting emails from my marketing person to buy my own books. There was no advertising, publicity, or anything done by my publicist. With 2 books in the making, the corrections with book 2 was ungodly irritating. I made corrections, sent it back, and came back even more corrects for me to correct. I complained bout having only one editor, but here is were they fail to communicate. This publisher seriously— lacks in the field of communication. My production manager wouldn’t even respond to emails or phone messages from me.

Being more than angry, I finally accepted the offer of a second edition on book one, costing me a fee. I feel it was their mistakes, they should make it right but they didn’t. Their excuse. ‘You signed the final content form.”’ I may have sighed the form, but the book is mine. This brings me to book 2. After four months or so of going back and forth in corrections and all the errors beginning left behind, I was so mad, I once again sighed the form. But not before much discussion over the errors THEIR EDITORS made for me to correct. There was no response after the last two.

My suggestion to anyone reading this that is a first-time author; Stay Clear of this publisher. They will pull you in with kindness, then chew you up, and spit you out for the wolves to finish. Once they have your money upfront, you’re done. No matter how you screech at them, they don’t hear you. Keep your hard-earned money and find a literary agent. That agent will find you the right publisher. No traditional publisher asks for money upfront. Actually, they pay you to publish your work.

As of last December, I requested a hold be put on both books, which means,no printing, no distribution, or sells. As it stands today, book 1 & 2 is on Amazon, book 1 on Ebay, Book Depository, and others. They are being sold out of the country as well as in the US. I found them in the UK and Italy, so far. thing, don’t bother asking for your royalties. They claim you haven’t sold anything, YET.

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