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I was given an “No out of pocket contract” by Tate (that cost me over a thousand dollars). The contract promised an aggressive selling campaigns and exposure for the book. I satisfied my part of the contract with several book signing events, and several out of pocket social media site exposure.

It has been almost a year now and I have seen no selling campaigns from Tate. I have seen no accounting of book sales(even though I requested them). In fact other than a few “to all authors” e-mail I have had no contact with Tate. They tried to get me to spend a few thousand for things like movie campaigns, buying more books than I really needed, and a ridiculous editing process that is very ineffective.

When I refused I think that is when they decided they had gotten everything out of me that they could get. At that point I was probably put on their go away list! Self publishers want all their money up front so they don’t have to get aggressive on selling books to make money.

Self publishers are a scam that will get you to pay for services never to be rendered! I plan to publish through a printing company and do the selling myself!

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