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Has any authors who contracted with Tate Publishing seen any accounting for book sales or received a check from sales of their book? Or better yet, has anyone seen any advertising or promotion of their book by Tate publishing?

If so, Please contact me Dennis Sprague at airmech@frontier.net I don’t think they are performing anything they say they do. If they do they probably promote books in a free publication like a local high school news paper.

I have contacted them several times to be told They would get back too me, but they never do.

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I’m sorry that this person is so angry. I am a Tate author and though I have had some frustrations, I have not had his experience with Tate. I have found the Marketing Team helpful and have had to turn down some of the book signings they set up for me. I do wish they would do more with book buyers to get them to want my book and it would be helpful if they established more opportunities to be interviewed on radio or at newspapers. I correspond weekly and sometimes daily with people at Tate. I have had times… Read more »
Wenona Clarice Thompson
I am sick to my stomach having ever been associated with Ryan Tate and Tate Publishing. I was one of 8 Book Acquisition representatives for about 3 years at Tate Publishing. It started off as a great noble cause and much like the authors that are drawn to Tate Publishing, I was excited to be working for a Christian company who from the outside seemed accountable. I’m writing today because as my employment at Tate Publishing grew, I was exposed to the ugly truth of Tate Publishing. Tate Publishing is a company built around smoke and mirrors. Ryan and Richard… Read more »

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