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I worked at super 8, the manager was very nasty swore at me in front of guest on my 1st day, stating to get off my a*s. While she was out back with house keeper she spent most of her day outside smoking cigarettes. She would watch movies on her tablet while she was suppose to be training me.

Meanwhile 3 weeks go by, she never spoke to me, gave me dirty looks, n rollin her eyes at me while she let another front desk clerk wore sandals which was not allowed.

So on my 1st nite of trainin for nite audit she comes in the next mornin n fires me due to my past background. Then i called to get complaint hotline to file complaint against her, she hangs up the phone. Then contacts district manager to ingore her what i was doin n refused to give me employee complaint number.

Super 8 is a joke n she allows druggies to work there n talk to guest anyway they want n dress out of dress code. The manager had a mouth worse than a sailor.

Laura Rummell – Super 8 – 191 Cronin Rd Queensbury New York 12804

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