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I bought a phone from Straight talk several weeks ago, it could not be activated, tech states factory defect. He took all my information informed me a new phone would be shipped to me along with the “airbag” to return my phone, a week later I am informed nothing has shipped and company policy is I return their defective phone before I can get phone that I paid for.

This company has horrible customer service and terrible tech support. They lie to you about everything. I asked for corporate office and even one of their CSR told me he was corporate but when I didn’t buy his story and asked for someone that was over him he told me the floor manager was busy, is there really a floor manager in corporate office?

I have gotten a facebook page started to get all the customers that have been wronged by this company to file a class action lawsuit to either refund the customers money, the product or get rid of all the employees that are not doing their job. I am researching to find the CEO’s of both Straight Talk and Tracphone and any other affiliates with them to be added to the lawsuit.

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