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I have 2 complaints about Sprint. The first complaint is that they ran a promotion for a contract buyout up to 300 (I actually thought it was 650) in March of 2014 for leaving Verizon for their services.

Overall, I paid 800.00 to become a Sprint customer. Verizon hit me with insurance penalties and a cancellation penalty.

I sent the information them at least two times and thought I was just being patient allowing to process my request so I did not complain.

January this year, I had an issue with my phone and asked about the status. For the 3rd time they told me to resend my fees from Verizon. So I did.

During this interaction, I asked about the possibilities of an early upgrade. The reason that I asked was because my phone malfunctioned and no longer would turn on. They stated that I would have to payoff the remainder in order for anything could be done.

I stated that they owe me money, why not just use that. They stated that I needed to pay.

I was outraged that I spent 800.00 to no longer have services for another 2 months.

Over the next week their customer service lied and manipulated me without ever having any intention to provide me with any help.

This is my 2nd complaint, their customer service.

During the week, I was yelled at, hung up on, lied to, and deceived.

It concerns me that during calls they told me that my request was being processed and if I paid 75 to prepay, that I could get a new phone.

I went to the sprint store only to have one of their workers state that she didn’t trust the Sprint customer service and she is Sprint employee. She also stated that they will say anything to get people off the phone. When I asked if my account was noted she said no.

I following day, I called back and stated that I spoke to a supervisor and explained the situation. They stated that if that occurred they would follow through. At this time they had to pull the call. They did not pull the right one and never did call me back.

I continued to call and ask why no one would help me, I paid 800.00 to be with them and thy were treating me as if I did something wrong.

During all my calls they all just assured me that they would help and never had any intention to. I heard that my credit was bad so they couldn’t do anything (my credit is very good), they stated that they were appealing my case for a 2 month early upgrade and would call me back (they never did). I told them they could continue to bill me for the broken phone… I begged them to work with me they kept stating it was in review.

I finally had no option other then to cancel my service to go back to Verizon, which I just paid 800.00 to leave.

After never hearing anything back about the appeal or my buyout request I submitted a Better Business Bureau complaint.

Once again… I could tell that thy did no research because I consistently had to correct statements. Things that were in my complaint or could have heard multiple times if they pulled all/any of my calls.

The final thing from their agent… She stated that since I cancelled they couldn’t help me. When I reworded it another way she tried to change the response. She now also stated that I will not get anything from the Buyout because too much time occurred (Bait and Switch?). They are now putting fees on me because I couldn’t wait 2 months with out phone service.

I feel that I did everything that they asked of me. I have and submitted the paperwork needed. They never intended to reimburse me and now they are blaming me because of their negligence. How can I help how long it takes them to honor their requests.

All I want is my fees to get waived and my reimbursement for my Verizon cancellation. I do not know how they can not honor it. I signed within the promotion and I showed the fees. How are they able to get away with this?

Sprint – Reston, VA 

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