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Sprint has been advertising to ATT and Verizon customers that they will “cut your bill in half”. Being a longtime ATT customer I made the switch. My total cost for service was printed and disclosed on the day I changed services. I just received my first printed bill and there are charges that were never disclosed. I switched in good faith expecting full disclosure. I have been charged a $7.99 monthly fee for “Spending Limit Program Charge”. I was later told on the phone this charge would be eliminated if I signed up for eBills and AutoPay. This was never disclosed. I prefer a paper bill to see my usage on all 5 phone lines.

Additionally, there was a $12.65 monthly fee for “Sprint Surcharge” that was never disclosed. I have no idea why this is being charged. Also, a $9.95 monthly fee for “Administrative Charge”. Again, these were never disclosed in my agreement printout when I agreed to change carriers. I spoke with Cynthia with Sprint headquarters at 855-848-3280 back on April 1. To date she has not followed up on my complaint.

This is a total of $37.52 per month in hidden charges that was never disclosed to me on the day I agreed to accept Sprint as my cell phone carrier. I suspect this kind of complaint will grow. I have made numerous attempts to get this corrected with no success.

Additionally, I have called Cynthia at Sprint headquarters to get her to follow up on my issue. I am unable to get her to respond back. This is the only way I know to get them to correct these mistakes and provide me with full disclosure.

Sprint Wireless – 6200 Sprint Parkway Overland Park KS 66251 | 855-848-3280

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I too found the lure of cutting you bill in half “Sprint” so I moved from Verizon and at the time of sign on i was told my Bill would be $168 per month to this day I have not paid a bill for that amount they have ranged from $283 to $300. I started to dig into my bill and found I was being charge $7.99 extra “Spending Limit Fee” per phone and an additional $12.98 for Administrative fee. I’ve called several time and to no surprise to someone that doesn’t speak english very well and each time I’m… Read more »

Sadly this is sprint. They really do do anything to get more money.


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