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On November 3rd 2014 I purchase an iPhone 5 at the Metropcs store in my area using Smartpay, I traveled to Trinidad with the phone however the phone did not work. Upon my arrival on November 10th 2014 I returned the phone back to the Metropcs store, the agent took the phone from me and told me the contract would be cancelled and I would receive a confirmation email.

A few days passed I did not received any email I called Smartpay they advise they have not received any request to cancel the contract and I would need to have the Metropc agent call them. Went back to the store advising the agent what was told to me by Smartpay, he called them in front of me in which the Smartpay representative tried to walk the agent on their portal to submit a refund and cancellation for two hours back and forth it was unsuccessful.

At the end the advice the agent they would manually make a request to cancel the contract, November came and went, December came and went, me constantly calling every week to get a status, spoke to several representatives no one could seem to help resolve the issue.

Finally, January 2015 called back Smartpay after explaining my frustration to the Rep she finally advised me that I had to return the phone to Smartpay as they already paid the Metropc agent, I went back to the store was given back the phone, printed the label provided by Smartpay, received email confirmation the item was received on January 21st 2015.

A week later I received an email advising I owed $387, I again emailed and call Smartpay asking how is it possible that I can owe for something I did not have, I return the phone within the store policy, if anyone owes you anything would be Metropcs, since then I am being harass on a daily basis 5 – 8 times a day I have tried to speak with a supervisor but never can get one conveniently when I call there is no supervisor and no one could help me, then I received another email advising that I need to submit a receipt I return the phone to metropcs in which I did not get one. I still have the email when Smartpay sent the contract to me; explain over and over but to no avail.

At this point I am frustrated as this is unfair practices towards the consumer, I could understand if I have the item till January 2015 but only having the phone for 7 days? I don’t think it is ethical for a consumer to be subject to this type of treatment. I want this to be resolve.

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