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Predatory tactics used to promote Slimera & Vita Ultra

I answered an ad on FaceBook for a free sample bottle of Slimera. I ordered 2 such free bottles for both Slimera and Vita Ultra and was charged only the small shipping charges for each. I was not at all impressed with these products and placed no further orders for them Now I have been charged outrageous sums on the credit card I used for those 2 free bottles, 84.97 for the Slimera and 74.95 for the Vita Ultra.

When I contacted them to complain they told me that I had signed up for a subscription for their products which I absolutely did not do. If any such wording exists on their website, it is so tiny and obscure as to be invisible. That is most certainly a predatory sales tactic.

They told me that they have cancelled my supposed subscription, but they have refused to refund the terrible prices for 2 products that aren’t worth much more than I paid for the shipping charges anyway.

I have reported them to IC3 and to the Better Business Bureau. I warned them that I would, but they were so arrogant they still refused to refund my money.

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