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I was on a reputable site when a box popped up and asked for some information so that I could receive a FREE gift, pay only shipping. Why oh why didn’t I ignore it?? Not only did I have to pay to get my computer fixed as pop-ups, immediately after this, came fast and furious preventing me from using my computer….repair cost? $300. Then I noticed a $4.97 change on my card along with $1.97 (still don’t know what that was), $9.82, and finally an $84.97 change with a web address of

So I went to the website and found a phone number. When I called I was told that I had agreed to pay that amount if I didn’t send that product back….NO, I DIDN’T! At this point I hadn’t even opened the bottle. So I told the representative that I was sending the bottle back at which point I was informed that I would have to pay a $12.97 RESTOCKING FEE!! I protested that taking an unopened bottle out of an envelope shouldn’t cost that much and asked to speak to the supervisor.

I was connected to Zion Samson (is that a phoney sounding name?) who stuck to the party line that if I didn’t send it back by a certain date they would NOT refund the $84.97. He told me to keep the product and send the empty bottle back and I would still get my credit. I did that (why should they be able to resale this?) but am now concerned that they will use this as an excuse to not refund the money.

I will instruct my credit card company to NOT accept any charges from this company and will probably send it back ‘return receipt requested’ just so they can’t say they didn’t get it in time.

Totally a dishonest bait and switch company. They should not be allowed to be in the ‘legitimate’ theft business. They probably make most of their money through fraudulent sales and restocking fees. I’ve learned a costly lesson.

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