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Went on face book link to order free trial from Online Products Offer and never received confirmation of email so could not contact company to cancel orders. I did not save the page from Face book so didn’t even know the company I had ordered the free trial from. Received product today with finally a name and phone number enclosed in package and when I called them they said that it was clearly stated in their web site that if you do not call them within 15 days they will bill you.

If you check them out you will see that you hit a free trial button there is no information telling you this. It’s one thing to order a free trial of a product but why did they not send me an email with their policies regarding this for when I did call them they had my email address on file. I cannot use their product due to reaction so after I tried it I had no idea that they were billing me 3 times now.

They also bill you at 2 different addresses so when I did call 1st number I was told that that it is my obligation to read their web site policies (how can I do this if I do not know where to locate them) so I asked him to please cancel my supposedly approved order today. Not trusting this company I thought I would double check and called the 2nd number and lo and behold I had to cancel my account.

I’m still wary that this hasn’t been done for obviously this company gets you in the door with their free trial offer but get your charge card for shipping costs than all of a sudden you are billed money that you have no idea is being billed on charge card.

Slimera – Online products Offer – PO Box 27303 Scottsdale, AZ

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