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My wife saw an ad on the internet for this weight loss product, and they offered a free trial by hitting a button and the cost was supposed to be $4 and change. She thought she’d give it a try, and when I received my credit card bill, there was a Slimera Charge for over $84.97.

We tried to call, and couldn’t find a valid phone number, as this is a classic case of “Bait and Switch” aka False and Deceptive Advertising. We reported it to our credit card company and they launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, I reported the illegal activity to the Arizona Attorney Generals Office, and they could not locate the company. I am currently refiling the complaint as I finally found their address. For those needing to have their address, it is Slimera at POB 27303, Scottsdale AZ. Our credit card company said Slimera refused to refund the charge citing we hadn’t read the fine print–there was no fine print–it was simply deceptive advertising and fraudulent.

I have zero respect for this bunch of tricky and deceptive manipulators. We never received any notice, nor was it in the free trial text–that we would be charged over $84.00 and we never were in any way notified of this.

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