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On January 21, 2015 I went to a Shell Gas station. I gave my 13 year old Son $12.00 to put it in his pocket and pay when he gets inside. I watched him go in as I am attempting to pump the gas so I’m told the young man the counter $12.00 on pump 7. The young man at the counter, told him okay. I started pumping the gas is stopped at $9.39 if I go in to ask why did the pump stop the young man states I will turn it back on, hang up the pump.

I do so then the pump stops at $.61 cents so I go back inside and ask what is the problem my son gave you $12.00 on pump 7, he states no he did not, well maybe he just dropped it or something. I then explain I counted it out before I gave it to him and he put it in his pocket he did not drop it and he states, well do whatever you want he only gave me $10 so I’m not giving you any more gas! I stated give me my receipt then, He states im not giving you anything so you might as well leave! He was very rude and belligerent.

This is not the first situation that I have had with this gas station. There was another occurrence as I was getting gas, gave my mother the money to pay while she had to get a soda, and while I unlocked my gas tank and pump. This incident was a case where my Mother paid $25 for gas and the man at the counter stated my Mother only gave him $20.

This gas station at 20800 Gratiot Ave EastPointe MI. 48021 Are Ripping off the Customers, and it appears that they are targeting young people and the elderly, and they should be stopped! I will never ever set foot at this gas station again, my advice to others is to Be Aware…

Shell Station – 20800 Gratiot Ave Eastpointe Michigan 48021 | 313-363-9560

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