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In this store in new buffalo, mi. They have a machine that u can put your empty michigan cans in and get your ten cent deposit back which I was doing at the time while my mom was getting gas. This drunk rude lady behind me was talking about me apparently to her husband because I heard her behind me talking very bad about well its gonna take a f g hour so I looked behind me to see what she was talking about and as I turned around to look she went storming past me. While I was almost done putting my cans in the machine a shell gas station worker his name is cody came to me and said very rudely u can only get 5 dollars a day, did u know that? I said yes, why?

At that time I remembered the lady that was acting rude right behind me in line with a case of beer cans she must of been wanting to get her money back for, and I had just got there about a minute before she arrived there. I go to church all the time so I try to stay as positive as I can so if she would of told me she could not wait patiently for me to finish putting in ten more cans I would have stopped in the middle of putting my cans in and let her go ahead of me and than I could of finished when she was done because I was in no rush. But apparently this lady was cuz she went to the register and told the workers that I had to many cans and I was taking to long. Which I had only just gotten there because I only had 2.70 cents in the machine and u are aloud 5 dollars a day.

So this guy named Cody that works there rudely snatched a can from my bag that I had on the floor and said these are not michigan cans u r done and don’t come back I said to him yes they are michigan cans he said no they dont say michigan and than I explained to him that not all michigan cans say michigan on them when u buy them from meijers and walmart in michigan they all do not say michigan on them. He argued with me about that they all say michigan on them when u buy them from michigan. He told me to get out and said I was not getting the $2.70 cents that I had already put in the machine and not to come back. He acted as if he owned the shell gas station as the asst manager stood there and said nothing, I told Cody I am not leaving till I get my $2.70 that I already put in the machine he refused and tried to argue more with me and as I sat quietly he said if I dont leave he is calling the cops at that time I told him when u give me my $2.70 deposit back for my cans that I had put in the machine I will leave and will never come mom had also walked in the middle of him being very rude to me and trying to argue with me, while the asst.

Manager sat there and did not even say to be quite because they had about 5 customers there during that time. My mom even said to the asst manager I cant believe u are allowing him to talk like that in front of customers. The cop came I talk to him and the workers told him if I came back I would be arrested and they never gave me the $2.70 all because some drunk lady behind me could not wait her turn. Now I have never been in trouble in my life and I am 34 and have 4 kids and I know how important a job is so I am not trying to get this guy fired but he needs to know he does not own shell and if u have a job like that working around a lot of people he needs to learn how to treat people.

My mom would go to shell twice a week to fill up her van at about 60 every time she came to take me places and she told me she will never go back to there again because that guy Cody that worked at the register was very rude to both of us for no reason all over some drunk lady that was to impatient to wait her turn. Also its not even about the $2.70 its about how he treated and talked to me in front of customers.

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