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Where do I begin? I had my loan sent to Seterus by Chase, which is another vampire company. This was done without informing me or giving me any choice. I have been with Seterus for several years and it has been a battle every inch of the way. I finally filed a report with the Colorado Attorney General and the BBB.

Seterus immediately replied to these entities that they had settled the issue. This way not true. I am still battling them. The original complaint to these entities was that they would not send me my 1099 for my taxes. I eventually got them, but only after talking to both entities again. As a result of filing the complaint, they are now harassing me about paying my mortgage every month.

As I said, I have been with Seterus for several years and they have never called me 3 or 4 times before my due date about making my payment. So I am positive that this is retaliation for filing a complaint against them. The latest battle is about my statements. I pay online with “paperless billing”. For the past three months they have sent me the same statement-the one for February. I just kept paying with the wrong statement, hoping that they would fix it.

When I called them today to try to get the correct statement, I was told by Wanda that it was the responsibility of the website to send the correct statement and there was nothing she could do for me. She just kept saying how sorry she was that she could do nothing, but it was hollow because she hung up on me when I told her that they needed to get their act together and serve their customers in a competent way.

I know that it will not be straightened out because despite all their promises, nothing is ever done. I really wish I could get away from them, but since I own a condo, I do not qualify for any of the other motgage companies.

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