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After letting my membership go for more than 8 months and still receiving emails daily from them, I decided to rejoin but only for one reason. They had been sending me notices that ladies were saving me as a Favorite! I received notices every couple day of messages, flirts and FAV’S.

Over 40 Fav’s messages and flirts don’t mean much because they could be anything. But when someone Fav’s you it mean a lot more and intrigued me and it was the ONLY reason I rejoined!

So after rejoining I see all the people that messaged me were there as were all the flirts, But ALL the Fav’s 43 they had listed, not ONE was there! This is there biggest SCAM because they know that is what will make people rejoin!

I called them and explained what had happened and they would not deny it at all just kept saying it was a security issue and they are working on it. I said I have read online they use Bots to send these I told them this and they did not deny it… just said they understand but unfortunately they can’t do anything about it and will NOT give a refund. Then I said I will file a complaint with the BBB and she send me to her supervisor. The supervisor said basically the same thing as though they were read from a script. I said I joined under false pretensions and wanted my money back… She said she knows what is happening and is sorry but cannot refund my money. I said I will file with the BBB and she said do what you have to do

! I hope this helps people to know some of the things they do over there and don’t fall for it like I did! | People Media Inc – PO Box 25458 Dallas Texas 75225 | 888-892-2065

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