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I have experience the awful of this site. They comprised my site, with all the young women with no profile, or who ever it might be I found someone using my profile. Change a few things and when I got up one morning I had 90 emails from people all over the us … I had to redue my old profile, lost great photos. Now I have they out of country people trying to fav me. I have to delete them. They put there numbers to text and emails to write to them on the site directly.

You would think there would be some type of monitoring, I sometimes had 10 of these a day I had to spam or block, terrible. They they ask 30 dollars a month because bots fav you, and you got to your profile and there is no one there.

Gawd its the worse site I have ever been on. At once at the beginning of year I was out of the country my cc expired and it was still taken for the subscription of 100 dollars. I would of thought since it expired they cant grab the money, but somehow they weaseled it out.


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