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I scheduled for someone to come out on January 28, 2015 to give me an estimate on replacing 4 of my windows. Once I agreed to go with the company and signed the contract they took their 50% (money) out of my account right away.

However, I did not hear from them anymore until I called on May 1 to find out why I have not been given a date to install the windows. I was given the run around and some excuses stating that they were behind on other jobs and they didn’t know if the windows had come in yet etc. When I asked for my money back since they could not give me a date then all of a sudden they had a date available but could not give me the date at that time. I then contacted my attorney and they forwarded a letter to Sea thru Windows to either return my money or give me an installation date.

They called a week later scheduling May 28 at 8 o’clock that morning. Well 2 young men came out to do the work and the person in charge was the same age as my youngest son 23 and had no idea as to what he was doing. Once they had taken the windows out they continued to mess around leaving my house open, now its 10 and no window installed, they continued to waste time and later took an hour lunch break house still open no windows installed. So around 2 they finally put one window in.

The window was not installed correctly had all kinds of gaps and was lope sided. Also that he cut parts of the original wood from my house and messed it all up. I said to both young men I know you are not done with this window and he said yes. I told him I was not satisfied with how they put the window in because the windows that came out looked better than what they had installed and I did not have gaps and all windows were level and even. The young man tried to explain to me that because the windows were at an angle that is why it has gaps and is not level not to mention that he did not have a lever to level the windows while installing them.

I immediately called the company and told them that I was not satisfied how the window was installed and the fact that they had wasted so much time already. The person on Sea Thru Window’s end told me that she had been on the phone with them all morning because they were having problems trying to install the window. She also tried to explain to me that he installed the window correct and I would have a gap because it was on an angle. I then explained that when the person came out to measure the same windows they were well aware of its position and that is was not a problem. So she said she would call me right back and meanwhile I look and the young man is taking pictures of my house all around.

By now I am upset and asking why are you taking pictures of my house when you are here to install windows in the front. He said the company told him to take pictures of the rest of my house and send to them to help them. I asked what did the rest of my house have to do with anything when you are here to install windows on the front part of my house. He then stated that the company told him it will help them understand that the house is still settling as a reason for the gaps in the installedI window.

I then called the company back myself since they did not call me to ask them why are they telling him to take pictures of house when he was here to install front windows and my side windows have nothing to do with what they are suppose to be doing. I also asked if they could send someone else out or their supervisor or have them put the other windows in temporary until someone else more experienced could come out and correct the problem. Again I was told they would call me back and by now its after 3 pm and the remainder of my windows are still not installed and my house is still very much open since 8 am.

Finally I called them back again telling them that I wanted my house closed up, I was not satisfied with the installation and I was not paying the remainder until someone else comes and correctly install my windows and that it should not have taken all day to install 4 windows because they sent inexperience people to do the job. They finally agreed to let the person put the windows in and now it is 4 p.m. and said someone would be calling me. Well I got a call seeing if I was available for 8 am the next day.

The person much older came out and apologized and said the person was still learning and that they would send someone else out to finish the job. He also said they would replace the wood to the house that he cut up while he as trying to install the window. I received a call on June 2 to see if someone could come and install the windows on June 3 because they had an opening. Well I stated its been raining all week and it calls for rain on that day too, so I prefer not to have my house open and its pouring down rain. Yes it rained all day on June 3 and heavily too.

I do not recommend this company to anyone they act very unprofessoinal and should be out of business. They need to have quality installers and not send young inexperienced boys to do a major job. My next scheduled date is June 10 hopefully this time it will not take all day otherwise to court we will go.

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