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They advertise on the internet that you are getting these great golf balls for free (Oh wait $1 shipping so they can get your credit card number).

Then on your next credit card statement will be a charge for $29.99. Oh yea, these are a 7 day trial free golf ball and after the free trial they are $29.99 per month until you cancel. Wow, what a deal!

They say it is disclosed when you checkout. I generally catch things like this, but I did not see it. I’m sure it was in the print so small you can’t read it.

When I called, their customer service was awful.

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Bahaha what a JOKE!!! And shame on me, I knew better. You think people are going to pay $47.83 a month to access your website. What’s even funnier is the corporate statement that desperately needs a spell check. “writers, creatives, developers” What a scam. Your golf balls are worthless and so is your website. I really feel sorry for the poor girls at the call center. They will go home feeling deflated and inadequate for not having a chance in hell of selling your product or maintaining memberships. If you have trouble getting a refund, tell the girl on the… Read more »

I was caught in the same situation. I was on my 7th day and the charges were pending on my account. I called in and they did the same thing offering me a % off and I just kept coming after them that this was not the offer online and they are going to remove all charges. After 5 mins of this they said all of the charges will be removed and take 1-3 days. We will see but they gave me a case number.

Junk balls and a scam

Scam! I bought a three pack just to try something different. Did not not I was signing up for an order every month. Oh, and I never got the balls after the first three. SCAM!!!!!

Hey these balls are great it was the first time I ever cracked a ball on the tee box


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