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Last Fall I answered a survey, afterwards I could pick a prize among half a dozen items. I chose Nuvalift face cream, for which I had to pay the postage. So I marked the square, gave them my address and credit card number, so they could deduct the $4.95 postage. I did not realize that this was an electronic signature by me, and they could charge me monthly $84.87 for a product I cannot afford. After the initial $4.95 on 10/23/14 (on my credit card), they charged $84.87 on 11/07/14 to my card., which I disputed.

The credit card took off the charge, but re -issued it on 1/07/15, after Nuvalift send them my “electronic signature” ( credit card company send me the copy). I blocked my credit card to Nuvalift 12/04/14. But now I found a second charge of $84.87, dated 1/27/15 as rebill on the card. Again I disputed the charge. On 12/11/15 I received a second jar of cream (after “free” prize jar), which I returned un-opened, in order to get the money back.

What can I do to clear this mess up. As a 79 year old senior I do not have that kind of money to spend on cream. So I was rebilled twice in Jan. 2015 for $ 84.87 by my card Company (Capital One), they again took one temporarily off (dispute again), but can put it back on again, unless I provide some proof that I did not do this transaction, going back to the prize I received last Fall.

I don’t have proof, I did not even get an email back from the company. They will not discuss anything because of the block.
Thanks for helping a senior in distress.

Dorothea Harjes

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