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Today I went to Sams with the intent to renew my membership. I needed a new card as I have used the same card for many years. I was the third person in line, and as far as I could see, all ahead of me were renewing their membership. I stood there for 40 minuets and finally left to find a manager. There were 2 people working at a very-very slow rate.

I found a manager and told them about my experience. She jumped up and said, ” Oh, yes sir, we will get them some help immediately”. Pitiful, why should I have to notify management. I have been a VP of Sales for 20 Plus years and never would have put my customers through this experience. I know people get lazy and I am well aware of the lazy factor.

My wife and I left without getting a renewal of our membership after 20 plus years being a loyal membership. I hear there is another company like yours coming to Corpus Christi and have decided to wait for them. I do know how proficient Sams used to be and it is a shame to see this happen.

You do not need to reply to me. Sams used to be such a great company, but cutting back in customer service is not the way to go. You require your customers to be members and you put them through this horrible experience.

Thank you for putting up with this complaint, but I believe you need to know what we as customers are experiencing.

Steven Wade

SAM’S – Corpus Christi

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