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First of all, they charge you before they ship out the product, which is against visa and master cards rules and regulations. In addition, 4 days later they still haven’t shipped the product. Then I find out that they want the following in order to send my products which is a HUGE red flag:

1) 1 color photo of your identity card or passport or driving license
The photo must show clearly, the full name, expiry date, signature and address if applicable.
You can hide the date of birth and document number for you your privacy.

Or a color scanned copy or picture of your recent utility bill(the address should match your billing or shipping address)

2) 1 credit card photo of the card used for the payment
For your safety , please just show the cardholder’s name,the expiry date and the last 4 numbers.
Please just take photos for the two cards and attach the photos here.

THEN I tried to start a live chat, which doesn’t work, I tried to call their customer service line, in which I get a busy signal. Then I emailed their customer support team a few times and they just don’t answer. I don’t know who they are processing with, but whoever it is, needs to look into how they are practicing.

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