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A couple weeks ago I placed an order with “Sammy Dress” I purchased 5 items and 2 were complete cheap rip offs from the material and quality shown and described in the clothing item description.

They were both two-piece sweater sets for under $13.00 each. Notice I said “sweater sets” one was a cream heavy knit set (shown very baggy in the pic) and the skirt was ankle length. I just got the set today, this was such a disappointment!! The top was tight, skirt was tight and only long enough yo stop at my knees!!!

The heavy knit is SEE THROUGH!! The grey set described as a heavy sweat/ terry material, floor length skirt and cropped top are THIN T-SHIRT MATERIAL!!! You can tell the skirt was long at one point until it was cut calf length and left that way. No Kidding!!! There’s no finished edges, no hem just a Blunt Cut in both pieces of fabric!!

For what I paid in shipping alone I deserve better quality in ALL MY PURCHASED ITEMS not 3 out of 5!!

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