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I ordered some stuff on SammyDress because I was excited about the prices (like everyone else). I got an email saying my stuff had shipped quite quickly, but NONE of the tracking links they provided worked.

I had paid extra to get my stuff faster, but it makes no difference what shipment you pay for; they will take forever to ship your stuff or won’t ship it at all and just rip you off. Plus they provide a “customer support” number at the bottom of the confirmation emails, but if you call it, it will ring for a bit and then give you a busy signal. It doesn’t work. There’s no way for you to complain or ask questions.

If you try to submit a question online via their customer support form, it will let you fill in the form, then it asks you to log into the site and shop more instead of submitting your form. It won’t let you!

Stay away from this fake company!

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