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1. On 8/15/15 one shopped at Salvation Army’s Morton Grove, IL store at 6715 W. Dempster St: one has shopped here for several years and spent hundreds of dollars in the past.

2. On that Saturday all items having a green tag were 69 cents: also bought a fur-type coat priced at 69.99 and other 69-cent items.

3. One also was purchasing a Nautica men’s light canvas jacket with a green tag originally priced at 12.99: this was also supposed to be 69 cents this day. The jacket had its own hanger with the Nautica name on it. One asked the lady at the cash register, named Lydia, if one could keep the hanger with the purchase. She said no, and that they needed the hanger for clothes.

4. To one’s chagrin, Lydia suddenly took the jacket and went to the manager (an elderly foreign lady) and showed her the tag. She then returned and said that they could not sell me the jacket.

5. One then took the jacket to the manager and asked why they could not sell me the jacket. The manager said that it would have to be reprocessed due to the tag having been re-stapled to the jacket. My question then was, “Are you implying that I changed the tag?”. She said no. She should know my character: we have spoken many times through the years. (… just don’t remember her name.)

6. One placed the jacket on another register and then returned to continue purchasing my other items.

7. Lydia then left the register and went to the manager again. She did not see the manager retrieve the jacket from the other register and asked the manager whether I took the jacket. The manager told her that she had gotten it. TO ME THIS IS BORDERING ON DEFAMATION OF MY CHARACTER. Lydia SEEMED SOMEWHAT INSENSITIVE TO MY KIND FROM THE BEGINNING. She may have behaved the way she was trained, but this experience was awful. (There are basically no Blacks working at this store.)

8. Lydia should not have made the assumption that one had taken the jacket, anyway. They seemed to have a problem with me purchasing a Nautica jacket for 69 cents.

Salvation Army – 6715 W Dempster St Morton Grove IL 60053 | 847-581-0590

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We just had the same experience at Arlington Heights,Il location- 1035 e Rand Rd. We shopped in the store on 9/23/17 Sat which had the green tag sale. we located 5 items with green tags and went to the cashier. manager came over and accused us of changing price tags and banned us from ever returning????? so much for Christian values- He was verbally abusive and defamed our character in front of all the customers! guess they really don’t want to sell items for 69 cents . all at the expense of losing a customer and volunteer who has donated… Read more »

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