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I was standing inline behind my friend who is african american at a local shop branch 14191 Irving Ave Burnsville Mn about 3:40pm and he attempted to buy some clothes. The clerk rang him up and then told him one of the items had an issue the boy said that was fine attempted to pay for what she rang up he said he didnt want it. She then said he would have to pay more for every item he had and started to put random higher numbers on everything from the original tags. He ask her to bring her manager up the manger flat out said he couldnt buy the clothes and told he he had to leave.

We’re both shocked and outrage we had just donated to there we shop up here often. However we was under the assumption that the salvation army was a non-profit… i had clothes from the similar and the lady didn’t give me any hassle.

I left out of that store embarrassed and ashamed my friend more than anything else regretful that we given to to this BUSINESS THIS CORPORATION that allow there employees and management to exploit and discriminate the people who give to them … “NONPROFIT”.

What a joke. I have small video of the confrontations but not the whole thing so im writing in a complaint. I believe the Manger name was ALE and the Cleark is name Swallah – very rude and unprofessional i personally will never Support/BUY/Donate to this location ever again …

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