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Unlike some other complaints that I have read, I was able to learn a certain game, buy in and earn around $300.00. Withdrew these amounts without issue. Since I am a specialist (only play one or two different games for money), I expected that as I progressed, I would see tougher opposition and my winning percentage would drop. It did. No issue with that, a fool alone would expect to win ’em all.

So they entice by giving deposit bonuses, and this is where the dance really starts. Once I am back over a certain dollar amount, there are certain players that I will ONLY encounter within that dollar range. And they wax me, without fail.

As my bank dwindles, certain other players beat me by narrow margins a high percentage of the time, regardless of how well I am playing. It is just to odd not to understand that we as players are guided through chutes to where we must, inevitably, lose our money.

At this writing, I am still up $35.00, but the pattern is clear to me, and it would be nice to see these people busted for what they are.

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