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My complaint is concerning treated lumber sold by home depot, My wife and I purchased approximately $10,000.00 worth of Yellawood treated lumber to build an outside deck area, we also covered it in Behr stain and sealer, now after 3 years about 20 percent of the lumber is so rotted it is just crumbling. I want to warn everyone that I can about this inferior product.

Bryan P. Hernan



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I spent $30,000 for a deck installed by a professional company in 2010. They used yellawood. and above ground the wood has ROTTED to dust and large areas have to be torn down and replaced after only 7 years. It is no better than untreated wood. STAY AWAY FROM YELLAWOOD. I HAD AN UNTREATED DECK MADE OF CEDAR THAT LASTED THIRTY YEARS


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