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I signed up to Tennis Channel Plus expecting to any number of tennis matches through the year. However this is a VERY inferior product to any other streaming service I know of because:

1) It just drops you in a live feed of whatever game happens to be on. You can’t access games that have already been shown or even start at the beginning of the game you want to watch.

2) Zero options, zero menu’s and as if its not bad enough that you can’t see any other but live games, I still haven’t found anywhere that actually shows a schedule of the games to be televised. So your odds of watching a game you’re interested in from the beginning are about the same as winning the lottery.

3) So what was the Tennis Channel willing to do for me since this service is completely useless to me after paying for a year in advance??? NOTHING. NO REFUND OF ANY KIND. SORRY WE HAVE YOUR MONEY AND TC PLUS IS BORDERLINE USELESS – BUT YOUR ONLY OPTION NOW IS TO BUZZ OFF WHILE WE ENJOY YOUR MONEY! BWAHAHAHA!

4) WHAT CROOKS! DON’T BE RIPPED OFF! Be darned sure you know everything TC Plus is (and especially ISN’T before) putting down any money. SATISFACTION IS UN-GUARANTEED. BE WARNED!

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Renewed my subscription automatically without my permission. Working on getting my 89.99 dollars back.

Our complain is that when you go to Demand, the picture is all blurry, you cannot distinguish, it is very hard to see…. It’s a shame, since because of time difference is hard to watch at times. I am a paid subscriber thinking seriously not to renew!


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