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I am a under a two year contract with Cspire, and the shared plan that I have is a grandfather plan that has unlimited data usage, that Cspire no longer offers. I just received a letter from them stating due to the high data usage on one of my lines, they are going to change/increase my plan amount for one line only.

They stated that I can pay more, or terminate that line and they will waive the early termination fee. I asked them if they would waive it for all the lines, because I’m not going to pay more money on a line that I signed a contract for two years that has unlimited data usage, and they said NO.

To sum up what I’m saying is Cspire wants to increase one phone line on shared plan that I have a two year contract on, because I’m using too much data, however that data plan is unlimited usage. They gave me the option of terminating just that one line without penalties or pay for an increase. They will not let me terminate all the lines, nor will they let me keep the same plan that I have a contract for.

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