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I have enjoyed using Boss Revolution for close to two years now. I got a couple of my friends to switch to the company because I felt the rates and services were great. However, I noticed that units that previously would do for all my regular call needs were no longer sufficient. In a week, with the same destination (Nigeria), same people and same time spent, I noticed that my units were no longer enough.

In a few days I found myself spending $20.00, whereas in the past it was $5 or at most $10. I knew something was wrong and had to call Boss Revolution customer service. The lady I spoke with said they increased their rate to Nigeria from 4 cents to 7 cents a minute, arbitrarily.

That is almost 100% increase.

When I asked why, she referred me to a clause in the sign up that gives the company the right to increase rates without informing customers! I do not know of anyone that would take time to read all that stuff that is usually in tiny prints. But again, even if they mean to sincere with the increase, why almost double the original rate? Why not begin with little increases? This company takes customers feelings for granted and, I am definitely looking elsewhere. Pretty soon there will be a deluge of complaints and we shall see where that takes them, before long.

So for me … it’s bye to Boss Revolution!

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