FirstService Residential Response: Response from James Martin – Property Manager at First Service Residential

Response from James Martin – Property Manager at First Service Residential

Joanne Picciano and her husband have terrorized the older people in the building and have harassed the cleaning and maintenace staff with name calling and threats. They then threatened me when I had to deal with their rant and raves. She uses social media to further her hate and terror to anyone who crosses their path. I did my job as a PM and the people in the building thanked me for protecting their rights to quiet enjoyment in their home. Unfortunately people like Joanne Picciano are nothing but mean and hateful. Thank you, James Martin

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I’m sorry, but this is all wrong. Me. Picciano is my neighbour for over 15 years and she is pleasant and kind to the others in the community. The one guilty of the harassment is James Martin. He has been observed in the middle of the night having legally parked cars towed away, damaging some in the process. He is unethical and nasty. The board gave this man a $100,000 bonus to sign on when they switched management companies. This man is morally bankrupt and he tried, along with a crooked board, to bankrupt our association. He almost succeeded but… Read more »

I know Jame Martin and this is all lies and fabricated nonsense. When he came in 10 years ago he cleaned up the place and it was a paradise while he was the manager. The crazy’s are now running the show at Palm Aire and we truly miss James Martin. The place has gone downhill since his departure. He is one the of the best Property Managers in the business.

Update to James Martin…….he has been fired from M&M Property Management for stealing the voter ballots for Palm Aire Country Club 2 Condo association.
We are glad to see that our property management company wasn’t going to tolerate his behavior, or illegal activities.

James Martin has the highest integrity, this is all fabricated. Also, he was not fired. He did a great job for many years. James has been gone now for over a year and the place is falling into disrepair. M & M was fired and rehired by the now corrupt Board in Palm Aire. We the owners miss James Martin.


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