Ripped off Service, Caught in the Act - Quality Control Air

Branch / Location of Complaint: Quality Control Air of Sarasota
Address: 6311 Porter Rd #2 Sarasota, Florida 34240
Phone: 941-377-2665

On Oct. 21st. 2015 a tech came to service my a/c, he took out a can of cleaner and sprayed it on the outside of the a/c then handed me the can and told me to spray the rest and clean the unit..?

Then he placed a drill on top of the unit and made believe he was servicing the unit. So my self and my wife decided to observe the tech thru our bedroom window. I then asked him to check the freon and he said he was going to his truck to get his gauges. To our surprise he went to the unit and just hung out, never checking the freon.

When asked, he said the unit was great everything checks out, yet he never removed the cover or did anything to the a/c. Then asked me to renew my contract, which I said no.

So I called the office and spoke with the office manager told her what happened and she just did not care that they are ripping off their customers.

Stay away from these crooks.

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