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We saw the advertisement for Mr. Lid on television Saturday so placed our orde on line. We ordered 1 set of containers with the 2nd set being free except for shipping charges. The site did not give us the option to look at our order and the total amount before asking for our payment method.

Once we put the payment method in, we as others have said, saw that we had been charged for ordering 2 sets of containers with each having a 2nd set free. The total of our order was $51.80 where it should only have been $26.40. Of course on the site there was no way to contact customer service or cancel the order.

Today, being Monday, we started calling the customer service number, 262-787-2035. We called it several times, being put on hold for 45 minutes or more and/or being switched to different areas, never being able to talk to a live person.

We called our credit card company, today, Monday, and the charge is pending as of yesterday, Sunday, where we weren’t to be charged until the order shipped, which it has not, as we have not received an email verifying that it has been. We are working with our credit card company to not have this amount paid.

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