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I stopped by Popeye’s Chicken in Louisville last evening. Order the Cajan Fish Dinner, a apple turnover, green beans and mashed potatoes. I was asked to drive around front and wait. 15 minutes later they brought my order to me, at which time I looked inside to make sure everything was in the bag. No apple turnover.

So I walked back inside and asked them for the item. Their attitude was “well you are just going to have to wait another 6 minutes” at which time I asked for my money back. The worker left me standing there for a few minutes and handed me 1.10. I told her the change was not correct and was challenged that it was. Went back out to car, got the receipt and showed her that she owed me a total of 1.32.

Upon arriving home I discovered that instead of mashed potatoes they had
given me coleslaw. The employee was rude, the experience was unpleasant and I will look elsewhere to spend my money.

Popeye’s Chicken – Monroe, LA 71201 | 318-323-1425

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