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I purchased an iPhone 6 and the salesman told me I could also get a deal on an iPad Air.There was no model on display but told me the original iPad Air could replace my older iPad 2.

I bought both and took them home. On the very next day, I realized the iPad Air only had 16G when trying to restore from my iPad 2 and it would not replace my 32G iPad 2. I immediately returned it to the store before loading my data on the unit and asked for a 32G replacement telling the salesman what happened. He had to get the supervisor to waive the $70 restocking fee which he refused and refused to take any responsibility for the original salesman not telling me the new iPad Air only had 16G.

There was nothing on the top or sides of the box indicating the 16G size. It was hidden on the bottom on a small sticker that I never saw until I started loading the data from my old one. I told them I would not pay the restocking fee since it was not my fault. The supervisor kept repeating himself (at least 20 times) and I finally told him no matter how many times he repeated his mantra, I simply was not going to pay the restocking fee.

I asked to speak to his manager 6 times and he refused. Only after I told him to tell me outright that he was refusing to let me speak to his manager did he say I could speak with the General Manager after he finished with a customer. I said I would happily wait although after over 30 minutes of this rude unprofessional treatment, I had become quite angry. I had suggested 20 minutes earlier to simply credit my monthly bill of over $180/month for the last 5 years for the restocking fee.

He refused and said it was not possible at least 20 minutes. Instead of letting me speak to the General Manager, he went to speak with him and came back within 3 minutes with approval to credit my monthly bill for the restocking fee. My wife and I have been going to this Verizon Store in Bridgewater for at least 10 year with great customer service and experiences every single time. Now I had Verizon for their bad service trying to get every last penny from their loyal customers.

So much for customer appreciation. I’ve spoken highly to my relatives and friends for over 10 years getting many of them to use Verizon.

No more.I will tell at least 100 people of this experience starting here.

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