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I have been a POGO customer for 8 years. Four months ago they changed their game platform and since then I have not been able to access the games that I paid to play.

The phone numbers that are listed for customer support work intermittently and if you are lucky enough to get someone on the telephone, they want your credit card number to pay for the help that you as a member are entitled to. The customer support online does not work or your problems are just ignored, I do not know which.

It is my opinion that POGO, or EA Games are happy with receiving your cash promise you support but have no plan to provide you with help. In short, they hope that you will get tired of wasting your time chasing them for answers and get away with your money without providing any service as stated in their contract with you.

I would call this fraud and would strongly advise anyone to pass this game site rather than join the POGO club.

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