Elderly can’t pay taxes/caught up in scam! - Publisher’s Clearing House

My complaint is on behalf of my 83 yr. old father, who up until now, has lived alone… Preyed upon by companies such as PCH.

PCH is the worst, they have collected over $600.00 in a 2 month period. He suffers from dementia & all the get rich schemes sound very promising to him. We have since had to have someone take power of attorney on his finances, because they have & still are taking full advantage of him.

Even when he tries to send stuff back, they offer him a half off deal, which in his mind seems like a real deal, we have stacks of product & mail from this company & are unable to get them to STOP!

They make him believe that he is a winner & remind him to place an order. Shame on anyone who preys on the defenseless, that are hanging on to hope!!

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