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These people called me stating I got a p****y loan from cashnet usa and I didn’t pay them. I know I had not gotten a loan from them. I asked the lady from Hydra Fund to give me the contact information for cash net. She told me that she was only the mediator and couldn’t provide me with that information.

I work in collections so I know that if your sending some to collections your must provide account information to the client so that they can get it resolved.

I called cashnet anyway because I wasn’t sure if someone was using my information to get loans. When I spoke with the representative at Casnet they couldn’ find me in their system at all. I called back to Hydra Fund and gave them a piece of my mind.

They call people and try to scare them, thinking people will just freely give them money not wanting to be taken to court. I told them take me to court them and show me where I got money from them.Some lady on there was trying to apologized to me. I said no way I’m letting them get away with this. I let them know that I knew this was a scam and that I was reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and I was filing a complaint.

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