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Just visited the store in Quitman, Ga. Must say, our last visit to this chain of stores. The employees have the hardest time understanding on the phone what parts you are looking for. Have to ask them to repeat so much, can’t understand what they are saying. 9 times out of 10, you guessed it…they ordered the wrong part.

Having to drive 22 miles RaT and get there to find the wrong part was ordered, does not make me a happy customer.

Today, go there to pick up a fuel pump we ordered yesterday. The fuel pump was right,surprisingly since the “dude” who took the order had to be told numerous times what engine it fits. Going to write a check…guess what? He tells me they can’t take a check unless you have at least $500 in your account…WHAT?

Since when is it their business how much money you have in the bank? NEVER have had a company ask if we had $500 in the bank…WILL NOT BE A ORIELLYS CUSTOMER AGAIN. Word of mouth advertising will not be favorable.

Whole experience was totally ridiculous. Couldn’t. Even get our phone number right. My God, how many times do you have to give a number, the same number we’ve had for years. The employees at this are dummies.

Oriellys Auto Parts – Screven St (hwy 84) Quitman GA 31643

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