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My house is located in Pennsylvania. A year ago my husband passed away without a will. The mortgage is in his name. However, my name is on the deed. I spent the entire summer along with my daughter and son-in-law cleaning up the property and updating everything in preparation for selling the house. I returned to my new house in Missouri in August after hiring a real estate agent who was listing the property for $250,000. She thought it was beautiful and would sell easily.

A few weeks later she discovered that vandals had broken into the house and did major damage by allowing water to spray throughout the house from broken water pipes. My insurance company had the water damage cleaned up and gave me a check to repair the damage. The check had to be consigned by Ocwen. So, I signed the check and sent it onto Ocwen.

My real estate agent relisted my house at a reduced rate and eventually a company agreed to buy it for $135,000. I owe $151,000 on the mortgage. I discovered that Ocwen wouldn’t even talk to me because my name wasn’t on the mortgage! I spoke with my lawyer. He said my name was on the deed and I was the legal owner. I tried to talk to Ocwen. They said they needed a death certificate and a letter of explanation sent to them and they would call me back. They never called. I resent the information along with a copy of the deed. They still didn’t call and still wouldn’t talk to me or my real estate agent! They buyers became anxious, so the closing agent tried to talk to them.

Weeks and months eventually went by until finally the buyers gave up and I lost the sale. Now, the only thing I can do is let them foreclose on the house as the monthly payments are about the same as my social security payments. They never have let me have the insurance payment to do any repairs either. The closing agent said they are THE worst mortgage company to try and deal with. I estimate I have lost at least $80,000. It was actually much more but they aren’t responsible for the original damage.

I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this horrible company!

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC – PO Box 24738 West Palm Beach FL 33416 800-746-2936

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